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Common Misconceptions About Staffing with Cherokee Temps

Working with a staffing agency can be a great tool to get your foot in the door at your next career. Let’s go over some common misconceptions about our company and what we do.

1. 90% of our job listings are long term positions. Our many clients are looking for people to join their team. The vast majority offer great benefits packages, pay increases once hired on, the whole nine yards! Very little of what we do is temporary work.

2. We DO NOT take a cut of your paycheck! If we offer you a position at $15.00 per hour, that is exactly what you will be making. The only things that will come out of your check are the state and federal taxes that you claim, as well as any garnishments you may have (child support, loan payments, etc.)

3. Putting an application in at our office is not a guarantee of employment. We are an employer just like anyone else and we strive to do our best at matching qualified candidates with the right positions.

4. We pay weekly and offer payment via check or direct deposit. If you started work for us today you would receive your first paycheck next Thursday!

5. If we offer you a position that you are not interested in, politely decline it! We understand that not every job will suit just everyone. Declining a job does not impact your chance at gaining employment with our company!

6. While the owners of Cherokee Temps are proud members of the Cherokee Tribe, the company itself is not affiliated with the nation. Applicants do NOT have to be tribal to apply or work with us!

We hope you found this helpful. If you or anyone you know are looking for employment please come see us! We accept applications Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.



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